The Heave Ho Portfolio (see what I did there) is an ever evolving collection of both finished pieces and work in progress projects showcasing miniature painting, terrain design and construction. You will see pieces evolve from assembly through painting and final detail including a full colour palette for each project. More technical step by step information will be provided in subsequent blog posts linked here for quick reference. If a piece is missing a companion technical blog post you can contact me using the Contact link or reach out on Facebook for more information.


The Forest Shrine of the Celestial Fox

WV Fox Commission for Extra Life

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Bestiary

A veritable cavalcade of carnivorous creatures


Kings of War: Gargoyles

Ba’su’su the Vile and Gargoyle Troop


Oathmark: Dwarf Infantry


Frostgrave: Cultists

Sister Hazel, Satheris, and the Cult of Dagon


Frostgrave: Gnolls

Raiders and scavengers for hire


Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Snakemen

Khavith, Ssudai, and the Nest of Yig