Gargoyles, Lore, & Death

A few weeks ago, I ordered a unit of Kings of War Gargoyles sculpted by Mantic Games. These 28mm figures are multi-part plastic and feature a variety of head, torso, leg, and wing configurations. If you convert them from regiment style bases to round ones, you will want to glue some washers to the bottom of the base for added weight and stability. My box came with a few extra heads that went immediately into my bits box. There are 10 figures in a box and they currently retail for $26.11 USD on the Mantic Games website. The figures are dynamic with some great action poses, they are down right creepy painted up, and were exactly what I was looking for in a small gargoyle force.


Mythic Age tomb guardians

warped by magic most foul…

In my campaign setting Gargoyles were created, during a lost Mythic Age, as tomb guardians for those of means. Convicts and other condemned were often used in their creation, warping them mind, body, and soul into rock winged horrors. The magics used to bind them had the unintended consequence of giving them an affinity for Necromancy. In the Common Era, the bindings which held these tomb guardians in place have long since failed. Some Gargoyles still make the tombs their home, especially forgotten ruins, but they live mostly in clutches high in the mountains.

Over the millennia the short-lived races have forgotten the origins of Gargoyles, but still believe they are protectors of the churchyards. They cover churches and cemeteries in their image to ward off grave robbers, evil spirits, and the restless dead among other superstitions. These stone beauties by Mantic are a perfect fix for the theme and look of the Gargoyles in my world.

To paint these up the way I did you will need the colours listed below. Note there are no “right” or “wrong” colours to use, these are just the ones I used and was happy with. You can find my work in progress photos and the finished pieces in my portfolio Project: Gargoyles.

Colour Palette

Base Coat - Army Painter Matt Black spray primer

Dark Grey - Craftsmart* Deep Grey dry brushed to about 90% coverage

Medium Grey - Craftsmart* Dark Grey dry brushed to about 70% coverage

Light Grey - Americana* Slate Grey highlights

Wing Membranes - Army Painter Abomination Gore

Eyes - Army Painter Dragon Red

Wash - Citadel Agrax Earthshade

*Yes I am one of those blokes that uses craft paint. #unashamed